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Krill Oil FAQs

What Is Krill Oil?

Derived from shellfish, the two most fundamental ingredients in Krill Oil are Omega-3 fatty acids such as those contained in fish oil and phospholipid-derived fatty aids (PLFA) sometimes referred to as marine lecithin-which readily dissolve in water. EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) oils are also both important components of Krill Oil. Our PURE ANTARCTIC KRILL OIL is sustainably sourced from Euphausia Superba and remember; it has no fishy aftertaste!

What Is The Difference Between Fish Oil And Krill Oil?

While Fish Oil supplements are a derivative of fatty fish such as sardines and salmon, Krill Oil is extracted from small shrimp-type crustaceans; in other words made from shellfish. Both contain EPA and DHA Omega-3 fatty acids but the strength of these oils is usually lower in Krill Oil because of the high content of phospholipid-derived fatty aids (PLFA) which are water soluble and therefore are more readily absorbed in the body from Krill Oil, instead of the triglycerides contained in Fish Oil. A significant component of Krill Oil is astaxanthin-an antioxidant-and the algae that the krill feed on. Astaxanthin is the ingredient that gives shellfish and crustaceans their dark pink hue.

What Are The Benefits Of Taking Krill Oil?

  • Aids in Joint Health
  • Supports Cholesterol Health
  • Helps Regulate Blood Pressure
  • Supports Cardiovascular Health

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I See That Your Krill Oil Is GMO-Free. What Does This Mean?

Our Krill Oil has not been genetically modified, which means it has not been altered or modified at the gene level.

Are Your Products Manufactured In The USA?

Yes. All of our products are manufactured in the USA at an FDA inspected and GMP certified facility.

Are Your Products Manufactured In Certified Facilities?

All of our products are manufactured in a GMP Certified and FDA inspected facility in the USA.

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